Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hello Bloggers…Today I want to tell you about my new laser engraver. With this new Machine I am now able to do amazing things. I can Engrave Pictures and portraits on the back of the Granite candles. It’s like your own mini monument. It’s a nice feature for the “in memory of”, but it is also great for weddings, anniversary’s, family portraits. You can have anything you would like on them. And the cost is extremely less than you would imagine. The quality and detail is extremely amazing. You can spend up $500.00 just to engrave a simple picture on a piece of stone. One thing in particular that I offer is a stone oil candle that is 16” tall 10” wide and about 7” deep. It is made of solid all natural granite with a built in oil candle (lamp). I hand make these all myself. Then I add the laser engraving. This Item would retail for approximately $550.00. I am selling them for $199.99 with free shipping. This is a one of a kind master piece is an original hand crafted work of art. I am the only one that makes these. And it is my original design. I sell them at an inexpensive price because I want to share my art work with the world.
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Tommie Candles